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guys this is a submission blog come on


submit plz

sorry i am a bad blogger

I’ve been neglecting my rowing blogs and I hope my followers will forgive me.

Coincedentally my lack of posts coincides with the start of my rowing season. Maybe I’m too exhausted to post? Maybe I’m just a lazy blogger.

But yeah. With the start of fall season (In the US), I could really use some new submissions.

Keep them fresh, keep them sexy.



i am assuming this is an oakland youth rower and if so please holla at me at a regatta sometime.

i have purple hair and row for pacific. occasional single sculler.

i like meeting rowers.

but i wont make this into a graphic because of reasons of which i am too lazy to articulate, mostly because i feel bad that im not saying all the rowing clubs etc are sexc.

Anonymous :  please rate luke obrien on a scale of 1-10

i googled this person and he is a soccer player? this is a rowing blog? how could i rate him objectively?

if i put away current-rower bias and also former-soccer-player bias i would say he is either a low seven or strong six.